2 euro deposit casino: only secure casino providers!

Winning big money at an online casino is certainly not only reserved for players who wager large sums.

Even with as little as $2 you can now enjoy your favorite casino games and have the chance to win a jackpot.

Finding one euro deposit casinos is not easy, as one euro deposit casinos are rare and usually require a minimum deposit of $10 or $20.

We are here to help. On this page you can find all the information you need about 1 euro deposit casinos.

We cover the following points on this 2 euro deposit casino page:

  • The best 2 euro deposit casinos
  • What a 2 euro deposit casino is and how to recognize it
  • Which payment methods you can use in 2 euro deposit casinos
  • What 2 euro deposit casino bonuses there are today
  • The pros and cons of 2 euro casinos

At the bottom of this page we have collected frequently asked questions. If you have any questions about 1 euro deposit casinos, please contact our team!

The best 2 euro deposit casinos

Below we have listed the best online casinos where you can make one euro deposits.

The online casinos listed below have been extensively researched and tested with real money.

You can find more information about the respective online casino by clicking ‘View review’.

What is a 2 euro deposit casino

One euro deposit casinos are online casinos where you can make deposits as low as one euro.

This deposit applies not only to the first deposit but also to all subsequent deposits you can make at the online casino.

The differences between online casinos where you can deposit with 10 euros or 2 euro are nil.

Also, the EUR 2 deposit casinos you’ve found on this page are licensed by the gaming authorities of Malta, the United Kingdom and Curacao.

The games on offer at 2 euro deposit casinos are exactly the same as in all other online casinos.

You can find hundreds of casino games developed by the likes of Evolution Gaming, NetEnt, Microgaming, Play ‘n Go and Pragmatic Play.

Recognizing a casino where a minimum deposit of 2 euro is allowed is easier than most people think.

In online casinos that offer many lotteries and scratch cards, it is often possible to deposit 2 euro.

This is because a ticket for a lottery, or a single scratch card often costs 2 euro or even less.

Since these types of online casinos also offer slots and games that can be played in the live casino, you can play other games at these 2 euro deposit casinos as well!

Pros and cons of online casinos with 2 euro deposits

Of course, every advantage has its disadvantages, and online casinos are no exception.

Below we have listed some of the pros and cons.

These will give you a better idea of whether or not a minimum deposit casino is worth giving a try, after all, you’re the one making the decision!

Benefits of a 2 euro Deposit Casino

Visiting the online casino and being able to place a 2 euro deposit makes playing your favorite games very accessible.

The idea that with just 2 euro you could end up winning big prizes is of course very tempting to many players – even though the chances of this happening are not very high.

The biggest advantage of these 10 euro casinos is immediately the most obvious one – the low threshold.

Furthermore, this is the perfect way to try out a new online casino at your leisure.

You can explore a 2 euro online casino and its games at your leisure without risking a lot of money.

If at a later stage you decide to deposit more than €2, then, of course, you can!

Drawbacks of a 2 euro minimum deposit casino

Unfortunately there are some disadvantages of minimum deposit casinos and we don’t want to keep them from you.

The main disadvantages of a 2 euro deposit casino are listed below


The chances of winning a big jackpot in a jackpot slot machine are significantly lower with a bankroll of just 2 euro

With 2 euro you will run out of bankroll faster and be allocated to the casino’s demovesions

2 euro deposits are allowed, but this is not always the case when making a payout. These can be a bit higher, often online casinos have a minimum payout of €10 or €20

The number of bonuses offered at a 2 euro casino is limited

The disadvantages of 2 euro deposit casinos will of course vary from person to person and depend on your personal preferences.

Payment options in 2 Euro deposit casinos

It’s no surprise to us that many visitors ask the question, why aren’t there more online casinos that accept minimum deposits of 2 Euro.

The reason why the offer of minimum deposit 2 Euro casinos is small is actually quite simple: transactions in an online casino involve additional costs.

Although chances are you’re familiar with the slogan: “Small amount, you can use a pin” this is unfortunately not always possible in an online casino.

The extra costs, for offering a minimum deposit of 2 Euro, make it impossible for most online casinos to remain profitable.

This is because the transaction fees are not passed on to the members and are paid by the 3 euro online casino.

Payment methods that online casinos pay high transaction fees for are Skrill, Neteller and Paysafecard – generally you can never deposit 2 Euro with these methods.

In iDEAL online casinos and providers where you can deposit money with Trustly, Klarna and credit card you are more likely to be able to make deposits of 2 Euro.

Besides the high transaction costs, there are online casinos, which prefer not to focus on attracting visitors who like to play with small amounts.

After all, these provide less money than players who deposit € 20 or € 50.

We don’t share this view, we believe that online gambling should be accessible to players who want to play with large sums of money as well as with just a few euros.

2 Euro Deposit Casino Bonus

First of all let’s clarify a bit about the one euro deposit casino bonus:

Even if an online casino allows $1 deposits, in most cases this will not be enough to trigger a casino bonus.

This is because for most casino bonuses you need to deposit at least 10 or 20 euros.

A real one euro deposit casino bonus doesn’t exist, but this doesn’t mean that you can’t use a bonus at a one euro deposit casino – you can by using a no deposit bonus.

The no deposit bonus works exactly the same at a one euro deposit casino as it does at any other online casino that you may find on lowdepositcasinos.net.

In order to activate a no deposit bonus, you must create an account and activate your account by confirming your e-mail.

After activating your account you will then receive free spins or extra play credit on your account.

Make sure you read the terms and conditions of these bonuses as there are usually some tricky criteria attached to them.

A real 2 Euro deposit casino bonus unfortunately doesn’t exist, but by making smart use of a no deposit bonus, you do have the opportunity to make use of a bonus.

Getting the most out of a 2 Euro deposit casino

Once you’ve chosen a one euro deposit casino from our list of the best one euro casinos, the best thing you can do is go for the ultimate online casino experience.

You may choose to wager your $1 in one go on a slot machine or casino game, but chances are you’ll lose it in one go and the fun will be over.

If you want to get the most out of that one euro, then it’s smart to use a certain betting strategy and play the casino games that not only allow you to bet 2 Euro, but even some smaller amounts.

For roulette lovers, there are plenty of roulette variants that you can turn to in a 2 Euro casino.

At most roulette tables you get the opportunity to bet as little as 10 cents, which logically makes it possible to play at least 10 rounds.

Before you decide to bet, it’s wise to look at the minimum bets. These are generally lower in 2 Euro casinos than in other online casinos.

low deposit casino

Should you prefer to play card games in a low deposit online casino, this is also possible at a large number of online casinos.

This is possible when playing blackjack, for example, where in most cases you can play from 10 cents per hand.

By using a ‘Perfect Blackjack’ strategy, it’s certainly not impossible to make slow steps up to a high amount with bets as low as 10 cents – patience is an important trait here.

In that respect blackjack is our favorite casino game in the various 2 Euro deposit casinos you’ve come across on this page.

Blackjack is a fun and simple game, but if you’re not familiar with the rules it’s best to read up on them first.

After you have read through the rules, it is a good idea to play the demo version. This way you’ll know exactly how the game goes and what to pay attention to.

Slot machines and especially jackpot slots are without a doubt the most popular in the 2 Euro casinos, this is for the simple reason that jackpot slots allow you to win the highest amounts in a 2 Euro deposit casino

The team at Microgaming has now launched several popular jackpot slots games that allow you to win big bucks.

One example of this is the world-famous Mega Moolah slot, where every wager you make gives you the chance to win the progressive jackpot that can run into millions of dollars.

In addition to Microgaming, NetEnt also has many quality slots where 2 Euro casino players can win handsome sums.

These slots offer, in our opinion, the ultimate online casino experience. Of course, the chances of winning that jackpot are smaller with a minimum bet than with a higher bet.


Nowadays increasingly prefer to visit a 2 Euro deposit online casino.

One euro deposit casinos are pretty much the same as ‘normal’ online casinos.

The difference lies in the minimum deposit requirements, which at one euro deposit casinos are set at one euro – at other online casinos this is usually 10 or even 20 euros.

You can place not only one euro on your first deposit, but also on all subsequent deposits and should you wish to deposit more money later, you can also deposit higher amounts.

There’s no need to worry about the games on offer and the reliability of the 2 Euro casinos you’ve come across on this page.

These providers hold all the necessary licenses and offer games developed by the likes of Evolution Gaming, Microgaming, Play ‘n Go and NetEnt – the well-known names that develop high quality games.

There are currently few 2 Euro deposit casinos active in the Netherlands. Many online casinos do not offer the possibility to deposit 2 Euro because it is not profitable.

Should any 1 Euro deposit casinos open in the Netherlands in the future, we will add them to our list of 2 Euro deposit casinos after doing extensive research on the provider.